Leadership Team

Head of School – Cory Harbor

Cory HarborCory Harbor has more than ten years of experience in higher education administration. He has served in a variety of leadership positions within high performing higher education institutions to positively impact the student experience. From 2013-2016 Mr. Harbor was an integral member of Northwestern University’s record-setting academic and student development program. From 2017-2019 he again helped the University Colorado Boulder achieve record performances in graduation, student retention, and academic achievement.


During Mr. Harbor’s career in higher education, he has served in many capacities including, academic skill and career development, student recruitment, admissions, case management, strengths facilitation, first-year program and curriculum development, learning design, student accommodation facilitation, university compliance, and budget management. Overall, his work has been student-centered, growth-oriented, and values-driven. As a former collegiate student-athlete, Mr. Harbor promotes a coaching leadership philosophy as he believes that coaching drives engagement, performance, and results.  


As a first-generation college graduate, Mr. Harbor learned and employed perseverance and grit to earn his three degrees from Missouri State University, where he earned his BS, MS, and, most recently, his MBA. During his free time, he enjoys reading, learning, athletic performance training, and, most of all, spending time with his wife Nicole and their two children Luca (6) and Liviana (2).


Registrar – Mandy Jameson

Mandy Jameson

Mandy Jameson has worked in the education sector for over 16 years. She served the University of Denver in program development, admissions, business operations, institutional research and program coordination roles.

Mandy has a passion for providing excellent service to students and for supporting administrative faculty in academic program management. She earned an Excellence in Service to Students award and has been involved in teaching ESL for the Douglas County Library System and volunteering for the Denver Scholarship Foundation. Her current academic interests are in identifying ways to prevent or reduce student debt and to make higher education or technical school an attainable goal for all.
Mandy earned her BA degree from Colorado State University and her MA degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Denver.
In her free time, Mandy enjoys reading, going on family vacations with her husband and 14-year-old daughter, spending time at the neighborhood pool, and tackling home remodeling projects.

Academic Dean– Keshia Medellin

Keshia MedellinKeshia Medellin has been working in the field of education for more than 15 years. She has been a teacher, mentor, professor, and an instructional coach. She has taught at a variety of charter High Schools and universities, including four years at CEC Parker, over the course of her career. During these years in the classroom, Mrs. Medellin has become adept at curriculum design, classroom management strategies, using proven research to reach instructional and assessment goals, and fostering strong interpersonal relationships.
There is a quote that guides how Mrs. Medellin approaches education, “Use education to achieve the wildest dreams your grandparents had.” Education can be the catalyst for changing one’s life. When Mrs. Medellin taught in Chicago, she saw how education, the power to think critically, good research skills, and how being challenged to step outside of one’s comfort zone were able to change the lives of her students. When education is relevant, engaging, and rigorous, dreams can be reached. Mrs. Medellin uses this philosophy to help educators and students excel.
Mrs. Medellin has attained a BA, a MA in Social Science, and an MA in Teaching Secondary Education. Even with attaining these degrees, she feels she is never done learning. Naturally curious by nature, she loves to dig for new knowledge and enjoys the challenge of a difficult problem. She is a mom of three creative, intelligent, and engaging daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors, especially the beach, traveling, cooking, exploring new food destinations, playing games, and cards.
Director of Health and Exceptional Student Services– Dr. Betsy Basch
Dr. BaschDr. Basch is a licensed clinical psychologist, an independently licensed counselor, a Nationally Credentialed Counselor, and a credentialed school psychologist. She's been working in a variety of areas of mental health & education for 20 years. She has overall interests in delivering and developing culturally competent, culturally aware and inclusive social-emotional environments, training, therapeutic interventions and assessment and has presented on topics such as neuroflexibility, culture and mental illness, disability and sexuality, disability and identity, cultural components of community health and inclusive culturally competent programming and measurement. She works to facilitate conversations on intersectional topics that are inclusive of disability, and finds engagement to be a fascinating and terrifying process!

Dr. Basch has a B.S. in Psychology, a minor in sport coaching and a concentration in philosophy. Her master's & doctorate's are in Clinical Counseling, and Clinical & School Psychologist from Argosy University-Phoenix. She is also a professional athlete, and plays for the Arizona Sidewinders.
Academic and Career Advisor– John Bintliff

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John has worked in and studied education the past several years working for the Reedsport School District and, most recently in Greeley as a PE/Health teacher. Before that, he worked in admissions at the University of Portland. Mr. Bintliff earned his bachelor of exercise science through South Dakota State University and his Master of Education at Concordia in Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Bintliff values diversity and equity in the classroom and using it to ensure a safe and positive learning environment.

In his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing, reading, biking & cinematography. I am a huge sports fan (Nebraska Cornhuskers, LA Rams) and working as a part-time football referee.

Academic Administrator– Maren Blind

Marin Blind
Maren Blind has worked in education since 2001 serving students across every grade level. In leadership, administration, and teaching, her work for almost twenty years has covered a wide range of education responsibilities all focused on achieving goals which are consistent with the mission of Colorado Early Colleges. Since 2016 Maren has been teaching for Arapahoe Community College and will continue to teach 1-2 courses for the college.
In previous positions, she has worked to develop innovative curricula (in California, Arkansas, and Colorado) providing teachers and students with concrete learning experiences that would launch them towards the discovery and fulfillment of their learning potential. Her relevant educational experience in previous and current leadership positions includes organizing student services, piloting and training teachers in new state-mandated educational programs; training student teachers as a master teacher; serving on the Governing Board for Academy Charter School; and finally, coordinating study abroad programs.
Throughout her career, Maren has worked in public, private and charter school environments and she has extensive experience and training in serving first generation, and diverse student populations. As a goal-oriented teacher and dedicated academic administrator, she takes pride in her teaching, effective communication, and problem-solving in order to promote individual student success.
Maren holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies (Education) from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, and an M.A. in Education: Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix in addition to a Graduate Certificate in Literacy from Regis University. Her own philosophy of education embraces the idea of teachers modeling the merits of constant and continual learning, a commitment she loves to practice and promote by constantly striving to learn more, both personally and professionally.
In her free time, Maren enjoys exercising (she is learning to rock climb), traveling around the world experiencing different cultures, reading great books, cooking and spending time with her son and daughter.

IT Site Coordinator– Tim Herrington

Tim Herrington
Tim Herrington is an IT site coordinator for Colorado Early Colleges, where he assists Faculty and students with all their technological needs.

Tim graduated from Sowela Technical Community College in 2020 with a degree in Information Systems. He currently possesses a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification as well as being certified in: Security Pro, Microsoft Server Management, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Office Pro. He also obtained a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2011, which he used to pursue a career in teaching.

Tim played tennis and percussion collegiately, and still enjoys playing both as often as he can. He is also a certified musical conducting instructor.