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About CECCR Academics

CECCR's academic program enables students to earn an Associate degree, while in high school, for free. The school currently pays up to $3,800.00 each year ($1,900 per semester) per student, which covers tuition, fees, and required textbooks.

Upon initial enrollment, every student takes the Accuplacer exam, which determines placement into college prep or college level courses. Students that place into College Algebra (MAT 121), must have completed Algebra II.

Students average about five courses a semester, which is dependent upon a student’s academic course load. For instance, a student who is completely college ready might only take ENG 121 (3 college credits), MAT 121 (4 college credits), and BIO 111 (5 college credits). This student only takes three classes but is still considered to be taking a full academic load (12 college credits).

Every course on campus is on a semester schedule. Each high school (College Prep) class is 60 minutes. College Prep courses are five days per week, except Workforce Readiness which is two days per week. College-level courses, taught on the CEC campus, will meet two or four days per week depending on the credit level and contact hours requirement set forth by our college partners.

63 college credits are being offered on the CECCR campus during the school day. Students take college courses on the CECCR campus, and once they have exhausted the courses they need for their intended Associate degree, they take the remainder of their courses at one of our local partner colleges.